About ECI


ECI is a not-for-profit French organisation formed by a large panel of Demobilization-Disarmament-Reintegration (DDR) specialists coming from a wide range of horizons.

Originally, ECI was created by a group of seniors (retired generals). They are experts in the field of post-crisis situation and conflict resolution and peacekeeping especially in Africa. They were joined later by other specialists from other domains. They all form now an effective project management and action team.

ECI members share common ethical values. They are all strongly committed to conflict prevention and peacekeeping activities through holistic solutions guaranteeing a sustainable development.

ECI tied up a partnership with HAMAP (Halte Aux Mines Anti-personnels – Ban Anti-Personnel Mines). This not-for-profit organisation aims first at fighting at eliminating the use of landmines and other explosives remnants of war, which activities include maintaining a sustainable development and multipurpose support to the local populations. HAMAP is therefore a key-partner in launching our project: social Reintegration and Reinsertion of ex-combatants.

ECI’s fields of competences

The first action-team was formed in 2003 to work on the specific and crucial issue faced by countries in post-crisis situation. From their researches, they were able to offer innovative and realistic answers focusing on the core of the problem: is a new life possible for the ex-combatants after the war ?
ECI widened progressively its field of studies to find answers to the following issues:

  • Child soldiers, street children, orphans, abuse victims, disabled children.
  • Countless young dropouts, who inevitably cause troubles.
  • The re-conversion of soldiers, forced to quit the army required to reformat on the behalf of an international community trying to redeploy the weak budget resources from countries exiting war towards the emergency of their reconstruction.
  • Public services revival and regional opening-up/development: operative health care system, working post service, motorways reconstruction, city planning, etc.
  • Population isolation and development of energetics autonomy capacities (with sustainable and renewable energy)

ECI’s Strength

All ECI members share:
➡ Their deep knowledge and strong attachment to the African continent (where some have spent several years of their lives)
➡ A rich and long experience in men training and project management at top levels.

They form a multidisciplinary work-team, whose competences and professional experiences complete each other:

  • Management of vocational training centers for disadvantaged young people.
  • Human Resources management and international relations.
  • High skills in situation analysis, risks evaluation, planning and programming control while conducting projects under pressure.
  • Direction and coordination of complex operations (within a long term perspective).

ECI has already conducted diverse studies for State Departments about crisis problematics (their characteristics and specificities) and what answers are possible after the military phase.

ECI has a breeding ground for executives and high-skilled trainers, sharing a deep knowledge of the African countries. They all have a recognised professional qualifications.

ECI maintains a vast European network of executives and experts in the field of specialised training (technics, health, etc) susceptible to be mobilized and deployed in the field on very short notice.

Experience in project management

The three ECI top executives all conducted various projects, directing hundreds of men in several parts of the world during the last 15 years. They took part to the following projects:

  • Organisation and deployment of a vocational training center in New Caledonia at the end of the 1980s, after the riots. They contributed to the revival of the peace process by giving this overseas territory a chance to improve its own capacity of development.
  • Construction, organisation and management of a Training Center for African executives in Thiès (Senegal).
  • Organisation and direction of complex humanitarian operations, implying the massive use of maritime and air components.

✓ In the Pacific area during earthquakes or after hurricanes (Futuna in 1994, Vanuatu
in 1995, Fidji in 1995, New Caledonia in 1993, 1994 and 1995).
✓ In Latin America, in Nicaragua in 1999, following catastrophic flooding.
✓ In Africa from 1991 to 1993 during the evacuation of nationals following the
crisis in Zaire, Angola and Rwanda.

  • Management of the reconstruction project of the telecommunication network in Republic of Srpska in liaison with the EU (in 1996-1997) as well as the Sarajevo’s Universities rehabilitation project in liaison with the Italian government.
  • Organisation and management of roads, bridges, schools and dispensaries rehabilitation operations in CAR in 1999 and 2001 in the Bossangoa, Yalinga, Bria, Ouadda, Birao and Bouar regions.
  • Restoration of the main urban motorway in Gabon (from Libreville to Franceville) by building metallic bridges (triple/triple) in Lambaréné after the massive rainfalls in 1992.

Experience in managing problems related to our project.

  • ECI

‣ Management of several Vocational Training Centers and support to neighbouring communities centers in the West Indies (Martinique and Guadeloupe) from 1998 to 2000.
‣ Management of a 1200-unit Vocational Training Center (mechanics, nurses, cooks, etc) during two years.

  • French partners

‣ A tight collaboration with HAMAP, offering to share its important international network.
‣ Support to the Association for adult vocational training (AFPA) and its reference vocational training center in Fontenay le Comte in France.
‣ Support to an association working on vocational training for young dropouts, which activities are mainly located in the French overseas communities.
‣ A collaboration with companies and various organisations specialised in renewable energy, decontamination and sustainable development is to consider.

  • Partners in Central Africa

‣ We’re already in relation with some of the main Ministries susceptible to be directly or indirectly concerned by our project (training & reinsertion and development).
‣ We have a partnership with the Agency for vocational training and employment in Central Africa (ACFPE). It depends on the Ministry of the Civil Service, Social Affairs, Social Security and Vocational Training. The Minister of Social Affairs designated this agency as ECI’s correspondent.

  • Other countries concerned or interested in our projects

‣ CAR : A project is on its way and supported by President Bozize

ECI Members

Bernard LE VAN XIEU, President
”Saint-Cyrien” and retired Colonel, Bernard (Bernie) Le Van Xieu holds a MA in International Relations. He is fluent in French and English. He was a political advisor at the Peacekeeping and Political Departments at the UN in New York during seven years. . He was also an export sales executive for a company selling humanitarian equipment, and an export sales engineer specialised in demining goods and services for SOFEMA (working with the UN and the EU).

He is the current Business Development Manager of the CEDS in Paris, and a volunteer General Manager of another NGO. He is an expert in international organisations, especially the UN. He has a deep knowledge of the various conflicts all over the world and on the issues threatening peacekeeping. He was elected as ECI President.

Paul PERRIN, Project Manager
Retired General, former Commander of a parachutist regiment and head of the French Army reserves, Paul Perrin is a military information expert in Africa, Near and Middle East. He has a deep knowledge of the African continent, where he has spent 6 years on various missions.
He is also a specialist in men management and training, in operation organisation and in crisis management. He has all the experience and competences necessary for a project related to ex-combatants and childsoldiers.
He is an Officer of the Legion of Honour and of Order of Merit (France and Central Africa).

Henri PINARD LEGRY, Alternate Project Manager
Retired General, former Commander of the 4th Foreign Regiment and deputy director in military information analysis, he spent several years on missions in Africa. He assumed top responsibilities in various operations, especially in Africa, as a specialist in men management and training.
He is currently the managing director of partnerships at the IHEDN (a famous interdepartmental think tank. His humanity and publications are widely recognized. His engagement for ECI DDR project answers to his deep aspiration and his proven competences. He is an Officer of the Legion of Honour and of Order of Merit (France).

Henri ROURE, Alternate Project Manager
Retired General, Henri Roure holds a doctorate in Internal Relations. He exercised operational responsibilities in Africa and commanded a French regiment in Gabon. His experience gave him a deep knowledge of the African continent and specialised him in crisis management. He exercised high degree responsibilities in officers training, as a man of high intercultural skills.
He has become a key-specialist about the reintegration and rehabilitation of ex-combatants and child-soldiers issue through his experience and competences in Africa.

Nathalie Delmote-Ferreboeuf joined ECI in the frame of its child-soldiers project.
Originally trained in general and industrial and organisational psychology, she specialised in the accompaniment of people in their self and professional reconstruction. Having a good knowledge in child psychology, she decided to join ECI child-soldier reintegration programme, in order to put her experience in life change accompaniment to the children from the Great Lakes region. She plays a key-role in the organisation and management of the psychological aspect of our child-soldier project. Trained as a HRD, she assists ECI in its recruitment and organisation.

Cyril MUSILA, Liaison Officer with local government
University professor in Paris and geopolitical expert in African conflicts, Cyril Musila specialised in the Great Lakes region. He conducted transborder cooperation and post-war reconstruction programmes in this region, as a member of the OECD and the UN.
He is regularly consulted by the high authorities of his native country in DRC, where he is recognized for his high-mindedness, his diplomatic skills and his deep-knowledge of the territory and actors. Professor Cyril Musila is a major asset to the success of DDR projects.

Jacqueline PAUMIER, Training Manager:
She is a licentiate in Law and studied in Sciences Po in Paris. She hold various positions in different Ministries (for instance, at the Ministry of Industry, the Council of State and the Administrative Court).
She works as a volunteer on a project of unemployed training and social reintegration and for the juridical protection of fragile persons and children in difficulty. She is the international jurist representative at the UNESCO.
She is at the head of the Training Department in another NGO.

Louisette LE FERS, Training Manager
Holds a MA in Politics and was a Professor of Economics. She is very concerned by the fate of poor populations, especially in Africa. Having a good knowledge of this continent and willing to make a difference, she decided to join several organisations in order to promote her ideals of peace, tolerance, and to defend Human Rights.
She is the managing director of the French Federation UNESCO Clubs Federal Council, which aims at training citizens according to the values proned by UNESCO. She is lead to interact often with children and adolescents in this context.
At the head of HAMAP TRAINING, she is involved in a current project of building a school in Burkina Faso for street children, child and adult literacy, adult training and malaria prevention.

Marie-Paule Babli, General Secretary

Louis DIATTA, Reintegration Project Officer
Holds two Master degrees in International Relations from the Center of Diplomatic and Strategic Studies (CEDS) Paris and the University of Dakar –Senegal. I additionally hold a diploma in the Politics of Sub-Saharian and Southern Africa from Sciences-Po Bordeaux – France.
Experience and interest in conflict resolution in Africa. Has specifically carried out extensive studies on Demobilization, Disarmament and Reintegration (DDR) in various African countries at CEDS and the sociology of conflict on the Great Lakes Region with the DR CONGO at Sciences Po. He also produced several works on the process of conflict resolution by the UN and the AU in the Great Lakes region. This research equipped him with theoretical tools that are mandatory for understanding and analyzing salient issues that come to play in the contemporary African Conflicts, their management and also their legal aspects.
He moreover has gained professional work experience in this field; since he coordinated the DDR activities of the NGO HAMAP (anti-mine activities) and ECI (Euro Cooperation Ingenierie) for two years. During this time he gained professional experience through ex cution of duties comparable to those of the proposed Tender.
His knowledge, skills, acumen can positively contribute to the effectiveness of the Bid implementation ; specifically, his masterly of both English and French, his excellent organization skills, his enthusiastic character among others will facilitate a meticulous and efficient execution of the duties involved in the Tender in Sudan.

Jean-Claude WITANDAY, DDR Officer
Trained as a psychopedagologist and native from Congo, Jean Claude Witanday is a member of the scientific body at the Pedagogical University in Kinshasa. He worked with various Non Governmental Organisations and UN Agencies in the logistical department and as Social Assistant to armed conflicts victims in DRC during 12 years.
He gained an experience on ground in Demobilization, Disarmament, and Reintegration, helping the community in family research, re-uniting and reinserting child-soldiers and/or IRC (International Red Cross) excombatants in their family.
He is currently a Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) advisor in a project of Support to the Health System Rehabilitation in the equatorial region in DRC and a volunteer DDR Officer at ECI.

Elodie PELOIS, DDR Officer
MA Student in Humanitarian Management and NGO Organisation , she is finalising her university year at HAMAP.
Very sensitive to the DDR and child-soldiering cause, she decided to join ECI and HAMAP as a volunteer. She is currently working on excombatants Demobilization, Disarmament and Demobilization in Africa and on hydraulic projects in Cambodia.

Chady HAGE-ALI, Political Affairs Officer
Holds a MA in International Relations. He is particularly interested in post-modern conflicts analysis (infra-state and asymmetrical) in Middle-East and Africa.
Very sensitive to the impact of those conflicts on local populations’ life and concerned by the future of their youth, he joined ECI and HAMAP as a volunteer. He is working on Demobilization, Disarmament and Reintegration project in Africa and on a demining project in Lebanon.

Claire TRAMOND, Project Officer
She holds a master degree in Public law and in geopolitics. After two years with a professionnal Association in the agro-industry sector organising French business missions in subsaharian African countries, she spent two years in Kenya with a French NGO, teaching Law at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.
Back in France, she decided to get involved in the humanitarian sector and integrated a master degree in Management of humanitarian projects.
She is currently finalising her master degree with HAMAP and holds the volunteer job as DDR Project Manager (rear HQ in Paris).

Nicolas PUPIER, Public Relations Representative
Nicolas Pupier holds a MA in Western civilisation and a doctorate in British Literature. He is currently working in the field of communication and journalism. Sensitive to the DDR and child-soldiering cause, he joined ECI as a volunteer. He is in charge of various communication and public relations projects.

Emilie KUHN, Procurement and Tender Officer
Holds of a Master’s degree in Education and presently taking a Master’s degree in Business Management, she has worked in the net of French Foreign Cooperation as a teacher and manager. After a work experience in Haiti, she decided to get involved in the field of development and humanitarian cooperation with both HAMAP and ECI NGOs by working as a volunteer Procurement & Tender Officer.
She is also active on various projects, from DDR to healthcare assistance to emerging countries.

Nicolas Le Van Xieu, Legal Officer

He holds a MA in Public Law and is currently working as Jurist and Public Markets Manager at the INSERM (French equivalent to WHO). After his studies in Middle-East, Berlin, Texas, and New York, he attended a school of computer engineering, before graduating in Law. He is fluent in English and French.
Very sensitive regarding humanitarian causes, he is a volunteer for a NGO specialised in international development and for ECI as a Legal Officer.

Marion LE JEAN
With a training in public international law, Marion Le Jean has an extensive knowledge of Humanitarian Law, Human Rights and the functioning of International Organizations. She then gained experience in advocacy and management of projects on human trafficking in Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.
Wishing to participate actively in the rehabilitation of child victims in the society which is theirs, she joined ECI as a Legal Adviser specialized in International Humanitarian Law, and Project Officer.

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